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Thank you for visiting JSRDS.SOCIAL today, Rhodium Group‘s new website featuring social media updates for Joseph S R de Saram. Traditionally Joe has not engaged in marketing and certainly not social media. However, since his sister Tania Marie de Saram has taken over the reins of Rhodium, Joe has taken a little time off and put the correct systems in place. This facilitates a powerful web and social media presence with very little effort.

‘Social media’ constitutes computer-mediated technologies that allow the creating and sharing of information, ideas, career interests and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks. Accordingly, Rhodium has decided to use its expertise in information technology to quickly re-establish a captive audience and transact mutually-beneficial business.

Rhodium sent out around 293,000 e-mails during October 2016 alone, advising the public of our new e-mail procedures. We want suppliers and clients to re-engage with us and resolve any outstanding matters before the end of 2016, and ahead of new product and solution launches scheduled for 2017.

At the start of 2016, Joseph’s LinkedIn page had around 50 connections, whereas now it is around 9,500 – the timing could not be better as Rhodium returns to full operational capacity following various human resource issues. During the last month or so we have dramatically increased our engagement with longstanding colleagues and increased our presence via different social media platforms.

We have set up and/or reactivated the following accounts so please feel free to engage with us. Unfortunately we are not able to read nor respond to incoming messages at the present time due to human resource constraints of dealing with an accounting and administration backlog. However as we hire the right personnel during early 2017, this position should be quickly reversed and a dedicated team will be put in place for each site to faciliate essentially realtime interaction.


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Please follow us using the above links, as it may be [possibly] a pleasant change from the Electronic Surveillance that Joe seems to relish 🙂



✳ Joseph de Saram CISSP FBCS CITP | LinkedIn

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Joseph S R de Saram (@jsrds) | Twitter

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